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from start to finish

Irrigation help

Leave all your hard work to our professionals

• Determine soil type

• Check water pressure / flow

• Identify water meter size

• Discover type of water supply line / tap into main line

• Install accurate pipes / sprinklers

• Measure property space

• Divide lot in sections / zones

Start with clean pipes

Take advantage of a complete flush system to clear any debris leftover in your pipes before your irrigation systems are installed. Your water and pipes will be fresh and clean.

Detailed blueprints

• House / garage

• Patios / porches

• Driveway / sidewalk

• Trees / flowerbeds

Professional service in your area

If you live in Milford or its surrounding communities, you will appreciate assistance from start to finish for all of your lawn sprinkler systems from custom designs to specialized installations. We proudly work with residential and commercial properties.